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Hey guys, please answer this, it won't take long

It would be awesome if anyone could answer this as it is related to something I am researching for a project.

What manifesto do you identify with or do you have your own manifesto (just pick one, lie if you cant be bothered, or if your answers are a little dubious or concerning, perhaps post anonymously)?
Which manifesto do you think you could construct your lifestyle around (supposing that this is possible)?

- The Headonistic Imperative
- The Communist manifesto
- The SCUM Manifesto
- The Futurist Manifesto
- The Libre Manifesto
- The Surrealist Manifesto
- The Millennial Manifesto
- The Stuckist Manifesto
- The Straight-edge Manifesto

Or ~
Is all this manifesto talk just nostalgic and irrelevant now?
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