penguinkeggard (penguinkeggard) wrote in stuckism,

Stuckist site down?

I tried to go to the stuckist site today, and it seems kaput. Anyone know what that is about?

Also, perhaps I should re-introduce myself since I'm under a new moniker. I'm the sole member of the Florida Stuckists. We are off and on active, but always on in spirit. The Florida Stuckists, painters as well as scribes, have begun focusing more on literature, and advocate a return to the spiritual or at least thoughtful in well as a bit of imagination!

I started a magazine in 2004, The Atramendous Blade, but after little response discontinued it. I have been thinking of bringing it out of hibernation. . .but we will see how the chips fall.

I love a good chat, especially writing. So I welcome any visitors and friends!
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