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Hi there. My name is coiln. I'm a newly minted stuckist and art school dropout from the lovely and insignifigant city of Oklahoma City in the US. I'm currently organizing a stuckist group here. I thought I would post a picture and pose a question. Here's the picture:

(you can see more at , if you so desire)

So here's my question: As an american I feel like the most appealing aspect of stuckism is the ideas of remodernism; that is, the rejection of postmodernism and return to the sincerity and values of early modernism. I have noticed, however, that there seems to be more emphasis on the anti-britart aspect of the movement, at least in the media, and this appeals to me much less. It seems to me that protesting people like Emin and Hirst only contributes to their cachet and encourages the sort of ego artist behavior that has made contemporary art so lousy since Warhol first marketed himself into immortality.

My question is this: Can stuckism exist as a movement, a genuine aesthetic theory, without people like Hirst to rail against? Can stuckism be applied to other cultural contexts than the modern british art world with the same sort of success?

These are questions I hope to answer with pigment, and I hope you will all join me in doing so.
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