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This community is for Stuckists and supporters of Stuckism. Stuckist painters are highly encouraged to post reproductions of their paintings in this journal. Perhaps by participating, you will discover your inner Stuckist.

Unsure as to what exactly Stuckism is? For a visual lesson, check out the list of Stuckist paintings here. For a quick definition, visit the Stuckism entry in Wikipedia. The first Stuckist manifesto, authored by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson, kicked off the movement, and lays down some of the basic theory. Their subsequent manifesto, Remodernism: Towards A New Spirituality In Art, drops the combative stance towards conceptualism and exhorts artists to create from the heart.

smallest freudian half slip by luciageisha

Remodernist Links
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Stuckism Manifestos
TrakMarx interviews with Childish and Thompson
Eugene Doyen's photodocumentary of Emin and Childish, c.1980s
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